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We received an incredible response to our original campaign, earning over 50% of our goal - it would be incredible if you could help us to reach 100%!

Who are you?


We are Not Quite... a London-based production company co-founded by Richard Swann & Jamie Scott-Smith.


For those who know 'the industry' well (and even for those of you who don't) there is a saying that floats around quite regularly:


"You must create your own opportunities!!"


So with that said, that is what we intend to do... we have taken a play text we love and we have decided to take it to the masses in a short run at the Leicester Square Theatre this summer.


Why did you decide to produce The Sisterhood?


After forming Not Quite… we set about sourcing a play that helped us achieve our core company values:


To produce creative, engaging high quality theatrical productions in London and throughout the UK.

To build a strong company of diverse actors who are passionate about creating, producing and performing.

To provide opportunities to talented actors who otherwise might not have the chance to perform.

With a prior knowledge of the play and after a successful rehearsed reading in a studio space in Waterloo, we were inspired to produce this comical gem in a leading London fringe venue.


A brief synopsis:

Henriette wishes to marry the man she adores. Is that so much to ask?


Apparently so for this trio: her overbearing, matriarchal mother, her intellectual, sexless sister and her downright randy aunt. These “learned ladies” have quite the different suitor in mind in the shape of a pompous, bombastic and self-proclaimed 'genius' of poetry.


Set in a lavish Paris salon during the late 1980’s, 'The Sisterhood' is Ranjit Bolt’s adaptation of Molière’s classic satire, 'Les Femmes Savantes'.


This fast-paced and intelligent comedy, satirising a family of pseudo-intellectual pontificating women, will keep you laughing throughout!


What do you want?


We are asking for £2000 to help fund hiring the theatre space for a run of six shows in a Central London venue. The money from this fundraiser will also help us to hire rehearsal space, purchase the set, costume and props.


We know it is a lot of money - but producing theatre is expensive.


Why Central London? Why not out of town in a cheaper venue?


We feel it is very important to premiere our production in a location that will allow industry professionals to attend; with the potential to have a positive impact on both individual actor's careers and the production's future life.


So what are we going to spend all that money on?


Venue Hire: £600 (£100 per show)

Professional Performance Rights: £390 (£65 per show)

Rehearsal Space Hire: £450 (This is using the cheapest suitable spaces)

Costume, Set and Props: £250

Marketing: £200 (Programmes, Posters, Digital Advertising)

Contingency: £110  (The best budgets always need a little wiggle room!)


The Crunch

Without forming the fundraiser this production is unlikely to make enough money to cover all of the costs outlined above. Although everyone in the company is well aware of this, we do not wish to operate as a profit-share production without any real prospect of profit (many other companies do).


If we are able to cover production costs with this fundraiser, we can then share fairly the net box-office profit with the actors on an equal profit-share basis.


The Future


We aim to find a future for the production during this run by inviting producers, venue managers and reviewers along to the shows. Possible futures for the show could include;

A 2017 Edinburgh Festival Production, site specific performances, a further London production or a small-scale tour.



We would be very grateful for any donation you are able to make big or small; we are aware these are testing times but please help us to get this project off the ground and give our production company a kick in the right direction.


Thank you for your interest in our project,


Richard & Jamie

Co-Founders of Not Quite...


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